Monday, 2 June 2014

Outfit Post: Embroidered dress and ombre hair

Hello again, thanks for the lovely feedback on my last blog post, I'm really trying to get back into the swing of things. Now that I have finished uni for this year, I have found that I have a little extra cash to finally buy a few items I've been after for a very long time. I first spotted chunky platform sandals in Company magazine and have been searching for a pair ever since. I wanted ones that had quite a bit of height (seeing as I'm so short) and I thought white was quite a different and interesting colour for shoes (I was tempted to go for black, but these are more striking). There was no way I could afford the pairs I'd seen in Topshop, and the ones from New Look weren't high enough, so I found these on eBay and at a very affordable price! Aren't they gorgeous? They also look pretty cute with socks too. 
I found this dress on Depop and got it for a bargain at £7! I think I'm getting better at guessing my size online. The white flowers are embroidered on, and although it's actually a smock dress, I like to add a belt to give it a bit more shape. I have been wearing it so much recently!

Dress - Depop / Hat - Topshop / Belt - New Look (old) / Shoes - eBay

Also, I've dyed my hair ombre again. It's a lot longer since the last time I did it, but I couldn't wait for the sun to give me my golden highlights so I just went ahead and did it myself. I wish I could dye all of my hair blonder, but my silly allergies won't let me, so let's just hope the sunshine does its magic. 

A little update, I've been very busy helping out with exhibitions / being an awesome girlfriend. This weekend I was at Oxford watching the rowing and stayed in 5 star hotel! I'll also be moving out of London in the next week or so, but still travelling back up occasionally to visit my boyfriend/friends/sports team, and I have many birthdays coming up so I have some organising to do. 

Until next time ♥

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