Monday, 21 January 2013

January Wish List

1. Ombre tights in Coal from BZR - this is a great idea and make an outfit a little bit more interesting
2. Crystal Bullet Necklace from Tentative Decisions - may need to save my pennies but these are gorgeous!
3. Annarack Feather Necklace from Delilah Dust - I love Annarack's illustrations and jewellery
4. Collar clips from Ladybird Likes - perfect for Valentines Day
5. Whole Lotta Rosie Headband in wine from Crown and Glory - forever fuelling my Crown and Glory obsession
6. Burgundy Cat Ears Watch from Chelsea Doll - perfect for a cat lover like me
7. Lionheart Magazine - buy all three for £10
8. Marie Bobby Pin Trio from Crown and Glory - I love the colours and will look great in a messy updo
9. Arrow ring from Applelatte - can't decide gold or silver, but they're so beautiful and delicate
10. Becky Love Heart dress from Mod Dolly - had my eye on this for ages, layer over a blouse with the heart collar clips
11. Scallop Mint Satchel from ASOS - fell in love with this bag after seeing it on Scathingly Brilliant's blog

I should probably rename this post to "What I'd buy if I won the lottery", because there's no way I can afford all these lovely things, however I've already bought the two Crown and Glory items! The Mod Dolly dress would make the perfect valentines day outfit layered over a collared white blouse and the heart collar clips match the little heart buttons, with the red floral headband from Crown and Glory to complete the outfit. I am very tempted to buy one or two more of the items on this list, so watch this space to see if I cave in.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

A Ramble In The Snow

This past week I've had a lot going on, and most of it is pretty bad stuff, but nothing that a heavy snowfall and a natter with my best friend couldn't fix. College closed early on Friday, and it won't be open tomorrow so I thought I could spare some time for blogging. I haven't been out properly in the snow, the whole family went out and did their own thing so I grabbed my camera and walked about, and threw a few snowball for/at the cat. Earlier today I looked outside and saw my youngest sister had been busy making a snow family, and once it had got dark we put a candle in the snowballs. 

Hat - New Look / Coat - H&M / Scarf - the attic / Skirt - Topshop

I would also like to say a massive thank you to all my readers who helped me reach 200! It may not be a big number to some, but it's so cool and a bit scary to think that many people read my blog, I don't think I even talk to that many people in real life! Also, I'm amazed at the number of wonderful comments I received on my last outfit post, so thanks again :)

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Outfit Post: My Current Go-To Outfit

You know the drill; it's getting to the end of the Christmas holidays, the Christmas blues have set in, all your clothes feel a little bit tighter and you just can't be bothered to make much of an effort anymore. At least I hope it's not just me! I've worn this outfit too many times now, and I'd change the colour of the skirt just to make it interesting, the denim shirt is plain and simple but the long sleeves add just enough warmth and makes a change from wearing cardigans all the time. I love my burgundy hat, it's great for my all-too-frequent bad hair days and matches the skirt and the small details in my lovely scarf which I got for Christmas. I'm not much of a scarf wearer because I have quite a short neck so I usually look quite silly in a thick knitted scarf but this one is 'thin' enough to not make me look ridiculous. I like to wear long socks rather than tights sometimes, but not when it's really cold outside! 

Had my first day back at Sixth Form today, so I am exhausted! I feel like I could do with another three weeks off and been bombarded with university applications and coursework deadlines (why, oh why am I doing three coursework subjects?!) January is going to be a pretty intense month but at least that means it'll all be over in a few weeks. Plus it's only six weeks till half term, I'm staying positive (well I'm trying to...)

Bobble hat - New Look / Shirt - H&M / Skirt - New Look / Scarf - Fat Face / Socks - Topshop / Creepers - Shoezone / Plait ring - Claires / Band ring - handmade by me / Infinity ring - handmade by me / Above the knuckle ring - Dixi

Monday, 7 January 2013

Outfit Post: Boxing Day Sales

I think I'm finally getting to grips with regular blog posts, Hurray! Quick life update: hit the Boxing Day sales (or the sales a few days after) and picked up a couple of bargains, also I was also tempted to buy non-sales items too. I'm currently reading Life of Pi, and so far loving it; hoping to see the film once I've read it. Been going crazy with uni applications, I have until 31st of January to get everything sent off, it's so scary! Especially because I've left it all a bit last minute, but hopefully putting a portfolio together will take no time at all.
This skirt is from the Topshop sales, I didn't find anything else in their sales which was a bit disappointing, but I spotted this skirt just as someone else picked it up. Luckily, after wandering around (well, more like trying to squeeze through the masses of crazy shoppers) I saw this skirt again, and it was in my size! I'm in love with this flare style, and I already have this skirt in red and black. 
The jumper is from Primark, it wasn't in the sale, but everything in Primark is purse-friendly anyway. I bought it because I have been wearing my black jumper to death and so thought I'd get this cream jumper so I wouldn't have to wear so much black, I also love the stud detail and the length; it's not so long that it looks bulky when tucked into the skirt. 

I've also started wearing ear cuffs, the top cuff has some gorgeous detailing and I like how they add a touch of edginess; I'd much rather wear these than pierce my ear. 

Jumper - Primark / Denim shirt - Charity shop / Skirt - Topshop / Tights - Primark / Creepers - Shoezone / Detail cuff - Claires / Star and chain cuff - H&M 

Thursday, 3 January 2013

What I Got For Christmas

I really should get into the swing of writing blog posts quicker, and closer to their relevant time, but never late than never. I wanted to show you the amazing things I got for Christmas, but hopefully not in a boastful sort of way, and feel free to ask where something came from. I am over the moon with my sewing machine, I usually use my mum's but it's quite unreliable and she wanted me to have my own one anyway. The Tim Walker Pictures book is so much bigger than I thought it would be, but we found it with a huge discount, and as you know I am quite obsessed with his work; I love randomly opening a page and being blown away by the magic each page holds! I love my new art supplies and my cute animal themed presents, the owl cushion is super cuddly and I am now stocked up on Yankee candles for the next few months...or weeks. 

I hope you had a great New Year!

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