Monday, 2 June 2014

Outfit Post: Embroidered dress and ombre hair

Hello again, thanks for the lovely feedback on my last blog post, I'm really trying to get back into the swing of things. Now that I have finished uni for this year, I have found that I have a little extra cash to finally buy a few items I've been after for a very long time. I first spotted chunky platform sandals in Company magazine and have been searching for a pair ever since. I wanted ones that had quite a bit of height (seeing as I'm so short) and I thought white was quite a different and interesting colour for shoes (I was tempted to go for black, but these are more striking). There was no way I could afford the pairs I'd seen in Topshop, and the ones from New Look weren't high enough, so I found these on eBay and at a very affordable price! Aren't they gorgeous? They also look pretty cute with socks too. 
I found this dress on Depop and got it for a bargain at £7! I think I'm getting better at guessing my size online. The white flowers are embroidered on, and although it's actually a smock dress, I like to add a belt to give it a bit more shape. I have been wearing it so much recently!

Dress - Depop / Hat - Topshop / Belt - New Look (old) / Shoes - eBay

Also, I've dyed my hair ombre again. It's a lot longer since the last time I did it, but I couldn't wait for the sun to give me my golden highlights so I just went ahead and did it myself. I wish I could dye all of my hair blonder, but my silly allergies won't let me, so let's just hope the sunshine does its magic. 

A little update, I've been very busy helping out with exhibitions / being an awesome girlfriend. This weekend I was at Oxford watching the rowing and stayed in 5 star hotel! I'll also be moving out of London in the next week or so, but still travelling back up occasionally to visit my boyfriend/friends/sports team, and I have many birthdays coming up so I have some organising to do. 

Until next time ♥

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

I'm back!

Nothing like a cheesy selfie to let you all know I'm still alive. Hello bloggers, I hope you remember me, last time I uploaded on here I was few weeks into my uni course. Fast forward about 8 months to now, and I have finally got the time to blog again, now that I've finished my course - it's gone so fast!

So much has happened this year, I specialised in jewellery, footwear, and fashion accessories (JFFA) at Central Saint Martins for my foundation year, and got accepted into BA Jewellery Design at CSM, so it looks like I'll be staying in London for another 3 years (Yay!). I've also got a boyfriend, James, we met at our sports team (Ultimate frisbee, a very cool sport by the way) and have been together for just over 6 months now. He studies illustration, and having an arty boyfriend really is great! This year has been my first year living on my own, I've become a lot more independent and confident in some aspects, but also less confident in others. I have struggled a little with body confidence, my weight, and making friends, but on the other hand I am really loving being able to lead my own life. 

Since living in London I have been able to mix with some very different, and interesting people, making me more confident with what I wear, and daring to wear things I wouldn't if I was still at home. What's nice is there is no pressure to dress a certain way, or stick to a certain style, so I've had a bit of fun this year. It's funny, I don't think I look like I've changed that much since September except I have longer hair and sometimes wear less makeup.

Demin shirt - Boyfriend's / Navy shirt - East End Thrift Store / Skirt - Charity shop / Daisy hair clip - handmade.

I hope I can keep up with blogging again (I might give this blog a good thorough makeover), I really struggled with time management this year, and uni work always had to come first. However I did manage to start a Tumblr for all the little arty things I've been up to outside of uni. Also I have my end of year exhibition starting tomorrow until Saturday so I might post some photos of my work eventually. 

It's great to be back.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Playlist: What I'm Listening To

Hi, I thought I'd do a slightly different post today just to mix things up a bit. I love visiting other blogs and finding a link to a new song or playlist, so I thought I'd return the favour and introduce you to the tunes I've been loving recently.
I constantly have music playing, such as first thing in the morning in order to stay awake, on the tube to and from uni, whilst cooking, and when pulling an all-nighter to finish coursework. I keep all my music on my iPhone (I'm glued to that thing!) so I needed a sturdy, protective (and pretty!) case to protect it from general wear and tear. The lovely people at Arena Media gifted me this gorgeous Uncommon Deflector Case from the Apple Store. It's such a cute colour and the case is lovely and shiny and pretty thick too so I feel like my precious phone is well protected.
Below I have included the links to each song (because I'm nice like that) and I hope you like them!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

Friday, 20 September 2013

Life Lately and Brick Lane Buys

Woah sorry for the long absence! Uni life has been crazy busy, what with us getting a new project everyday with no definite deadline, so it's pretty easy to let it all pile up. A lot has happened since my last post, I'm now three weeks into my course, I met Alexa Chung at her book signing at Liberty, had another Flickr meet up (you can see my Flickr page here), met up with my mum who took me out to dinner at Strada on Southbank, and caught 'Freshers flu' which had made me ill for over a week!

I've been a bit (a lot) of an emotional mess recently what with all the changes going on, and being ill, but I won't go on about it. Last week I visited Brick Lane market (again) and I plan to go every weekend, it's the highlight of my week. There's always so much happening and you get to meet some very interesting characters, I also popped into Tatty Devine which is situated at the other end of Brick Lane, and even got 'style snapped'. However, last week I went with the intention of getting some warmer clothes seeing as winter is suddenly upon us. There's a shop called the East End Thrift Store, in other words the perfect place to grab a bargain, especially for those of us on a student budget, where I willingly spent my pennies on an oversized chunky cardi, pretty navy chiffon blouse, and a denim dungaree dress (finally!!). I also bought a burgundy maxi skirt and scarf for a total of £10 from another stall. I've been looking for a denim dungaree dress for ages, and a large cardi, although it's a bit too big to wear out and about as it completely swamps me!

Hat - Topshop / Cardi - EETS / Blouse - EETS / Denim dress - EETS / Belt - Primark / Tights - Primark / Creepers - Shoezone

And here's a sneaky peek into my room!

P.s. I've just discovered 8 Tracks and I'm obsessed with it! I've fallen in love with so much new music, do you use 8 Tracks? Link me your favourite playlist so I can discover even more music :D

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Missing Home

Contrary to yesterday's blog post, I am actually deeply missing home, but not in the sort of way that I wish I was there now; more in a way that I don't like all the change happening around me and want things back to 'normal'. Yesterday was a very lazy day, and I suppose being kept busy has kept me distracted. Also, in the evening I but the bullet once again and went out with everyone, only to have an absolutely terrible night resulting in a friend having to go to hospital and me having to walk all across London to get back to the flat in the early hours of the morning. I just wish I could curl up at home with my mum and my cats, and I know I should be super grateful for all the opportunities and excitement heading my way, but I'm actually terrified and really not good with handling change.

I'm also going to look at the positives here; I have some lovely flat mates and we had a group meal last night of delicious stir fry, cocktails and macaroons. Also, last night I happened to spot the actor Alexander Vlahos (aka Mordred from Merlin) and then this morning a group of us went to Spitalfield Market and got free cupcakes, and explored some hidden vintage shops. Right now I am keeping to myself in my room and watched Star Trek Into Darkness (hello, Benedict Cumberbatch!), I'm still exhausted from last night and don't know what I'll do later, perhaps have a much needed phone call with my bestie and look at the beautiful sunset from my flat window. 

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