Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Happy (blog) Birthday To Me

The day has finally come, if you follow me on Twitter then you'll know that I don't like to keep quiet about my birthday, I can't in fact! I'm finally 18 and an official adult - scary, I know. However, it's also been exactly a year since I started blogging. It started off as a way to show my DIY 'experiments', attempting to gain confidence, and as something to do over a long summer.
Looking back, I've got more inventive and brave with my DIYs, digging out my sewing machine more often and not being afraid to alter and make my own clothes. I have definitely got more confident in myself and the way I dress. I don't know if that has anything to do with finishing school and getting a place at my dream university, but I'm pretty sure my blog and getting to know other bloggers has helped hugely! It's great to look back to my first few posts and see how I've changed for the better and I'm really glad I kept my blog going; that it wasn't just a phase and something I'd get bored with. I've managed to find time to blog (most of the time) and even write a guest post, and I hope that this next year is going to be just as amazing, and possibly attend a meet up so I can finally meet some of you wonderful bloggers!

Anyway, just a short post to show my appreciation for sticking with me and to say thank you, I will set up a giveaway soon and possibly tweak my blog layout, but for now I have a crazy amount of decorations to make and set up, and other things to organise for my birthday.
I have put together all my outfit posts from this last year, just because, why not.

Thanks again 

Monday, 15 July 2013

Outfit Post: Charity Shop Dress

This is just a quick outfit post to show you what I found at my local charity shop. It was originally from Primark, and I spotted the pretty print and bought it hoping it would fit, which it did! It's got a super pretty lattice detail on the back and I love how light and summery it is. I also noticed, whilst editing the photos, just how short I look...

Daisy crown - Claires / Dress - Charity shop (originally Primark) / Brogues - New Look (old)

I do have one thing I'd like to add; the only thing I don't like about our local charity shops are that they are quite over priced, which I know shouldn't be something to complain about as that just means more money goes to charity, but I've noticed any clothes with a recognisable label like New Look gets priced at around £10 - almost as must as the store price! It's a silly little thing to get annoyed about, but when I go to charity shops looking for a bargain it's not always so easy. 
Ridiculous and insignificant rant over.


Sunday, 14 July 2013

D.I.Y Scallop Skirt

This summer I am going to aim to get a few DIYs under my belt, and to use my sewing machine as I've barely had time to use it since getting it for Christmas. For this skirt, I spotted an adorable floral print in my local fabric shop, but there was only a small amount of it. As it was so cheap, I thought I'd be daring and try to make a skirt from it, so that if it didn't work out it wouldn't have been much of a waste.
I wanted to try to make a scallop hem as it's something a bit different and I like how it adds a feminine touch (not that a floral skirt isn't feminine enough already!) and so I searched for tutorials. The best one I found was from a blog called Extra Petite, and has an extremely useful step by step animation. 

I also have step by step photos to show you how I did it, and how simple it was, although it is also quite time consuming.

Looking back, I could have done with more fabric (I prefer skater skirts to tight pencil skirts) so that the skirt could have been more gathered. However, it's a lovely lightweight skirt and I'm really happy with the scallops, and worth the time it took (I had to turn the machine by hand when sewing along the scallops so that I could get a smooth curved line).

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, let me know if you try it out, I'd love to see what you create!

P.s. It's my birthday and blog birthday in 2 days! Eeek!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Birthday Wish List

It's my 18th birthday in a matter of days so I've put together this wonderful (an unrealistic) wish list. I know that I am definitely getting one or two if these items because I was with my mum when she bought them for me, but they've been tucked away until my birthday. I've had my eye on some of these things for a while and I'm hoping to get them with any birthday money I get.

1. I tried this out in the shop and it works like a dream! Plus it smells delicious.
2. I am crazy about backpacks and love the detail on this leather one.
3. Recently I've really been into map and globe prints and I like the combination with the leather strap.
4. I love the handmade look of this ring and it's unique design.
5. Another Datter ring, I really like the detail in this ring.
6. Combining my love of butterflies and accessories.
7. I would love to own a polaroid camera one day, and I'm really into the look and magic of instant photos.
8. For the days when I want to be Lana Del Rey.
9. This etsy shop has the most beautiful flower crowns with gorgeous detail.
10. Forever searching for the perfect summer hat.
11. Eager to try a smock dress (perhaps with a small belt) and this one is adorable! Too bad it's currently sold out.
12. I have fallen in love with tiny, delicate silver rings and this moonstone ring looks so beautiful especially with the details.

I have plenty more blog posts lined up, and I've also written a guest post for Georgia from For The Love Of Thrift, check it out here.

P.s. Thanks for the comments on my recent little blog post, I had an amazing holiday and can't wait to share the photos and tell you all about it!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

I'm disappearing again...

Hey everyone, I know blogging's been slow again recently, but I just want to let you know I'm going on a road trip to North Wales with the besties for a week. I'd hoped to have had a blog post ready for when I go away but been busy packing and running errands. Anyway, I will definitely take lots of photos and we're bring a camera recorder so hopefully make a little video montage of the trip, it's going to be the best holiday ever!
Until next time xx

P.s. as soon as I get back I'll have to start planning my birthday, which also happens to be my blog birthday too so I'll sort out a little giveaway to celebrate!
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