Saturday, 31 August 2013

Missing Home

Contrary to yesterday's blog post, I am actually deeply missing home, but not in the sort of way that I wish I was there now; more in a way that I don't like all the change happening around me and want things back to 'normal'. Yesterday was a very lazy day, and I suppose being kept busy has kept me distracted. Also, in the evening I but the bullet once again and went out with everyone, only to have an absolutely terrible night resulting in a friend having to go to hospital and me having to walk all across London to get back to the flat in the early hours of the morning. I just wish I could curl up at home with my mum and my cats, and I know I should be super grateful for all the opportunities and excitement heading my way, but I'm actually terrified and really not good with handling change.

I'm also going to look at the positives here; I have some lovely flat mates and we had a group meal last night of delicious stir fry, cocktails and macaroons. Also, last night I happened to spot the actor Alexander Vlahos (aka Mordred from Merlin) and then this morning a group of us went to Spitalfield Market and got free cupcakes, and explored some hidden vintage shops. Right now I am keeping to myself in my room and watched Star Trek Into Darkness (hello, Benedict Cumberbatch!), I'm still exhausted from last night and don't know what I'll do later, perhaps have a much needed phone call with my bestie and look at the beautiful sunset from my flat window. 


  1. Hi Georgina,
    I think I know how you're feeling. The first time I was on my own in my student house, I felt really lonely even though there were a lot of people and distractions, it still kinda felt like I was alone. It needs some time, and I think it took me a few months to really find my way and feel comfortable in my new environment. I don't want to scare you, the feeling of lonelyness and missing home will be gone before you know. But it's all new now, and some people just need more time to find their way. And I'm definitely one of those people, but this growth process has definitely made me stronger. I hope that soon you'll feel better and find your way. In no time, this new situation also will feel like 'normal'.

    Sofie x

  2. Take a deep breath, and try to enjoy every minute of your new adventure.
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  3. It's normal you miss home but keep thinking You are in London <3 !

  4. It's crazy starting uni, everything is so new. you will be home on holiday before you know, it all goes so fast! i hope your enjoying yourself, and home is only a fn call away remember! hehe x

  5. Bless you, it must be hard at times but just remember it's not forever and try to enjoy the moment that you're in. You can always go back home once uni is over, lol. But seriously you'll always go through times when you hate change and it's only natural, but it sounds like you're going out and having fun with the occasional day of being lazy which is my idea of heaven tbh!

  6. I only live 30 mins away from home in my uni flat, yet I still miss home constantly.. It's a big change and i find it can be hard to make my flat as cosy as my home. I bet you had a lovely Christmas though :) Sometimes it's nice knowing you're not on your own, drop me a line if you ever need a chat! @katiefhowell xx


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