Thursday, 30 May 2013

Stay with me!

Hello! Remember me? I've been really bad and not blogged in over a month (gasp!) but this is a little note to say that next week I will have finished my exams so please stay with me. Revision has been going badly but then I'd feel guilty if I did blogging instead, so I've been pretty unproductive but from next week onwards I hope to make that up to you and blog my little heart away :)

Thank you


  1. I'm staying Georgina! Good luck with your exams! x

    Una hora menos en el paraíso

  2. Hope your final exams go well :) X

  3. good luck with the rest of your exams!
    see you next week :)

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  4. I hope your exams are going well. GOOD LUCK.


  5. Hey sweetie! I feel the exact same but I have been blogging which i probably shouldn't have and I do feel guilty I've barely done any revision i just cant get in the right frame of mind agh! Weird were both in the same situation haha even down to the driving licence! But its brilliant your on the right track good luck with it all! Looking forward to your new post thank you so much for your comment! xxx


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