Tuesday, 17 July 2012

17th Birthday

It was my birthday today!
Had a really early start this morning, too early. Opened presents from the family then waited around for an hour or two for the post to arrive. 

Some of the lovely presents from my family:
Lollies from littlest sister, studs and purse from little sister (New Look), bee necklace (New Look) and perfume (Marc Jacobs)

Owl studs and ring (Freedom at Topshop)
I went to Brighton with my dad, not expecting it to be the sunniest day ever, but for the middle of July the weather was absolutely awful! We gave up on using an umbrella because it kept collapsing. Took refuge in a costa coffee and then made our way to the pier, spending most of our time on the slot machines and playing air hockey and guitar hero. I won quite a few things from the slots: Four disco balls (gave one to my sister), a little plastic van and a meerkat pencil. It was great fun even if all we won was junk. 

Didn't realise that we'd gone to Brighton on the day they had the olympic torch and very nearly saw it but left before we had the chance. I was so exhausted that I feel asleep on the way home. Went out for a lovely pub dinner with the family (minus one sister) and had the cutest birthday cake ever!


  1. Happy (late) birthday! That cake is too cute!

    1. Thank you, I know, it's adorable! :) And I like the name of your blog :D xx

  2. Aww you got some really cute things :) love the cake - I wouldn't want to eat it as its so cute hehe :)

    1. Haha we left the face till last because it was too cute to eat! :) x

  3. Daisy is one of the nicest perfumes everrrrr!!

    1. I agree, it's the perfect scent for summer! :)


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