Friday, 20 July 2012

Olympic Torch

The Olympic Torch came our way today, in fact it went right past our house! People started setting out chairs and securing places almost three hours before it came, which meant it was very noisy when I sat out in the back garden. There was so much hype for the torch, police bikes, helicopters, coca-cola busses! We were lucky to see the changeover and the two torch-bearers did a little dance. I've been enjoying the summer sunshine at last and went for a swim with my little sister, but then there was a seriously heavy rainstorm. I supposed it made it more exciting, but we were both shivering after one hour. I'm now back out in the garden, catching the last of the sun rays and enjoying a greatly-missed blue sky.
The changeover

There were so many policemen on bikes giving high-fives

Showing just how busy the road was

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