Sunday, 11 August 2013

Holiday Buys (Wales)

Hey so this is a bit weird that I'm writing about a holiday I went on a month ago (!) when I'm only hours away from getting a flight to my next holiday destination (Greece, woohoo! Although by the time I upload this post I'll already be on the plane) but this was such a special holiday that I wanted to share some parts of it. Myself and my three best friends drove to North Wales and stayed in a cottage on the coast for a week, just us and no adults. It was such a lovely and relaxing holiday, but also a great laugh and the perfect getaway just before we all go our separate ways to uni. The local harbour was full of cute little local craft shops, sweets and ice cream shops, an ancient antique shop and plenty of stalls and markets to visit. 
One of the days we went a bit crazy at the market and charity shops and bought so many books that we couldn't carry them all in our bags so had to walk around town with a huge pile of books! I bought three books all under a pound, along with the MGMT cd from a music stall - we were there for what felt like an hour looking through every cd. We found a really adorable little shop selling things from handprinted bags, handmade candles and lip balms to bunting, chilli pepper fairy lights and tea sets, I couldn't walk out that shop without buying something so I got these two tiny sweet tins, one of which now holds my rings. In one of the souvenir shops there was a rocks and minerals collection so I picked up a large amethyst and clear quartz to add to my ever growing collection. And finally where would a beach holiday be without a few postcards? I only picked the ones of places we'd actually been, and I'm going to send some of these to a certain penpal. 


** Please note: I am now on holiday with very limited internet, therefore I will be unable to reply to comments and emails. I'll be back on the 25th. **


  1. Awww, those little tins are so so soo adorable!
    It seems like you had an amazing holiday!
    I can't wait to hear about your holiday in Greece, I really would like to go there one day! Enjoy!

    Sofie x

  2. I love buying books on holiday, looks like you got some lovely things! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  3. I just wanted to say I looove the photo of the amethyst and quartz! So pretty!

  4. Aw, so many treats sweetie <3

    I'm happy you enjoyed your time ;)

  5. one of my fave cds!! :-) You have got lovely treats and i love the way you have decorated the pictures! new follower on blog loving *yey*

  6. so sweet! those sweet tins are beautiful! xxx


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