Friday, 30 August 2013

I've Enrolled!

You are now looking at an official CSM art student, hello. So yes I finally got enrolled, it took me three attempts as the first time they said I needed my GCSE results too so I had to get the train home to pick them up, and the second day they'd closed early. It' so frustrating to waste all those train tickets! But anyway, it's done now and my course starts in three days, eeekk! 

Thanks for the lovely feedback on my last outfit, that day I went for a wander down Brick Lane and then in the evening a large group of us went back down Brick Lane in search of bagels and then back to the flat for a game of Ring of Fire with some flat mates. I'm already getting to know everyone and starting to remember faces and names better :)

Yesterday, after enrolling I once again went down Brick Lane and visited a vintage shop called Rokit, I tried on a few things and have fallen in love with the clothes there! It's all so different and retro and perfect if you need something so spice up your wardrobe. Next week they're holding Student Happy Hours where students get 20% off, so I'll definitely be there! I then went and bought our flat a toaster which made me Miss Popular for a while, although I've now eaten way too much toast.

In the evening, I went on my first clubbing night out with everyone. We got the tube to Picadilly and spent the night at a club called Tiger Tiger. Clubbing isn't really my scene but I still wanted to experience new things and it was definitely exciting even though I wasn't drinking. Once we'd left the club we went on a hunt for a night bus and ended up trekking quit far across London, luckily I had put comfy shoes on and it felt so surreal to be wandering through Trafalgar Square at half two in the morning! 

On to the outfits; for some reason I've been wearing a lot of black recently, and I quite like the edgy look - I think it makes me look and act more confident. My outfit isn't much different from what I wore the day before, sorry. 

I think I've forgotten how to properly pose for photos.

Dress - AX Paris / Jumper (worn as cardigan) - New Look / Backpack - Primark

Mesh top - New Look / Green backpack - Primark / Studded Belt - New Look / Maxi skirt - Primark / Triple buckle boots - c/o* New Look


  1. Gorgeous outfits! Trafalgar Square must look magical at night. Also good luck with your course :)xx

  2. I love that AX Paris dress- you look lovely in both outfits :)
    Sounds like its all going well for you- best of luck with the course when you start!
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  3. It all sounds so exciting, good luck for starting your course :) enjoy and make the most of every minute, time goes by too fast! xx

  4. I'm glad to read that you're enjoying yourself there in London and that you're slightly finding your way.
    I love the colourful dress from AX Paris.
    Good luck for your course that's starting soon!

    Sofie x

  5. Your outfits are so lovely :) It must be amazing living so close to all the amazing sights in London. I've always wanted to go to Rokit, I love their website and all the vintage clothes they sell. I hope you're having a super time at university so far :) xx


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